About Us
We live and grow food in some of the most remote places on earth, sometimes it can be a little hard to be heard.

The Quiet Farmer has been produced by Qld Food Future Inc, a small group of farmers and graziers who love telling the great stories of Australian agriculture. The team is led by Elisha Parker, Josie Angus and Cameron Hewitt. These passionate producers put an immense amount of their time working voluntarily to make sure our farmers voices are heard. On 21 November 2019 the group is hosting the Boots & Bowties Gala Dinner near Clermont to celebrate National Agriculture Day.

Never before has a grassroots campaign from agriculture been launched nationally on this scale with an online campaign, television advertising, print media and radio coverage. This has all been personally orchestrated and financially backed by farmers and graziers to ensure this engagement happens.

They are a very small group of cattle and grain producers in central Qld and their campaigns have been solely funded by donations.  Their previous two films ‘A True Story’ and ‘The Great Barrier Reef’ have had over 500,000 views across multiple platforms and featured twice on the Today Show and other networks. Since 2018 their social media reach has been over 6 million people.

We want the Australian public to know that the Australian agricultural industry is world leading, innovative and is a huge driver of Australia’s economy, but most importantly, made of families and communities.  Families that want exactly the same things that you do – healthy food and fibre that is good for us, the environment and our children.

We love that it matters to Australian consumers where their food and fibre comes from as it matters to us too.