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Cameron Hewitt
Cameron is a sixth generation beef producer and is proud of Australian farmers for being world renowned as some of the best and most innovative on the planet.  Cameron and his young family have a passion for land management and improvement. They have invested in their land and cattle herd for the future of their children.
Angus Family
The Angus family are fourth generation cattle producers with a deep love of Australia's outback, its people, culture, its' traditions and just producing great beef. All of the Angus family children are currently working on the cattle station and love what they do. For over 16 years Josie's husband Blair Angus was on the board of Beef Australia before retiring in 2018.
Elisha Parker
Elisha has grown up and worked in different aspects of Australia's diverse cattle industry whilst living on properties in central Queensland. She is the co-founder and director of Cattlesales PTY LTD. She's a farmer, a lawyer and a mother of two. Elisha was named the 2020 NAB Agribusiness Cattle Council rising champion.

Heelan Family
The Heelan family are fourth generation pioneers of the Pasha District with three generations currently living on and working their cattle station. From John’s passion for land management to Graham’s skills as a helicopter pilot, the Heelans are cornerstones of their local community.
Peter Anderson
Peter is a beef and grain producer from Central Queensland and is a member of the Central Queensland Regional Committee of AgForce Queensland, the peak representative body for Queensland Agriculture. Peter and his wife Julia are raising three children on their family properties.
Alexandria Galea
Alexandria works as a Sales Agronomist in Central Queensland born and bred into agriculture. Alexandria grew up on her parents' cotton and grain property which is a part of the Emerald Irrigation scheme. She finds being a part of the cotton community rewarding as it is full of passionate people who strive to work and grow together.

Emma Sewell
Emma, her husband Brenton and their young daughter Lacey are quiet farmers.  They are just making their mark in a successful family farming operation, part of a younger generation of farmers who are quietly and confidently taking the reins.  To Emma, family is woven into work, play and into their land.

Sascha Estens
Rabbit Hop Films is based in Sascha's home town of Moree, NSW. She is proud of the fact that many of her pieces are helping reconnect the  city, country divide and humanising the issues rural Australia faces. In 2017 Rabbit Hop was voted one of the 'Top Ten Regional Online Businesses' in Australia by Google and the Regional Australia Institute.

Sophia Hornery
When it comes to being a strong woman, Sophia has had the greatest inspiration, her Mum. Despite losing her Dad at an early age, Sophia, her Mum and four siblings have made their mark in Australian agriculture. It can take a village to raise a child. Sophia is testament to the power of strong work ethic and the sense of community ever present in the bush.