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Behind The Scenes

'The Quiet Farmer' highlights the strengths and the true story of Australian Agriculture.  He encapsulates our proud heritage and traditions, innovation and the true stories of sustainability, biodiversity and animal stewardship that are cornerstones of our very existence.
National Ag Day | 21 November 2019
Production Team
Sascha Estens, Geoff Thomas, Merri-May Gill, Jacob Collier
Production House Rabbit Hop Films was entrusted to produce 'The Quiet Farmer' and bring this story of Australian farmers to life. Rabbit Hop Films is based in rural Australia dedicated to telling stories about the country, the communities and the people that live in it.

The Quiet Farmer captures true Australian agriculture – heritage, uptake of innovation and the true stories of sustainability, biodiversity, animal welfare and stewardship.

Sascha has been creating films for the past 7 years telling the story of Australian Agriculture. She and her team work with some of the largest agribusiness companies in Australia, regional community organisations, industry bodies and Government.

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